Off road

Apologies for lack of posts, but I’ve been off the bike for a few weeks now — first, through sheer laziness, then a week’s holiday and now because I am holed up in my sick bed, trying to recover from a nasty chest infection and asthma.

I’d love to be back on the bike, but at the moment if I so much as walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, which is not much more than a 3-metre stroll, I start wheezing like a little old lady who’s been munching on the cancer sticks for several decades!

So, for the time being, this bicycle blog is on temporary ‘hold’. I plan on posting regular updates as soon as I’m back on the road again, which, I hope, will be at least this side of Christmas!


9 thoughts on “Off road

  1. I know the feeling, I myself attempted to cycle while ill, and ended up coughing and hacking like I’ve been smoking for several decades…
    Actually I have been smoking for three decades so scratch that.
    Take good care of yourself, my mother always recommended hot tea and honey with whiskey.


  2. Chris, the waiting is definitely frustrating, but I’m in no fit state to do much about it. Have just returned from second visit to the doctors — he seems to think it’s actually pneumonia and has signed me off work for another week. Thank-god I enjoy reading or I’d be bored senseless.


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