A wrong turn

I took a wrong turn tonight, only because I got stuck in the wrong lane going around Parliament Square, and I ended up cycling through the streets around Victoria not knowing where the f**k I was.

Then I spied a decorative spire somewhere in the distance and assumed it was Buckingham Palace, so headed in its direction, knowing that I’d be able to orientate myself once I was in front of the Queen’s residence. Only thing is, it was the wrong palace: not Buck Palace but the Palace of Westminster. Yes, I did a full circle and found myself back on Parliament Square.

You can only laugh. A one-and-a-half mile diversion, all because of a wrong turn. Oh well.


4 thoughts on “A wrong turn

  1. I lived in London a couple summers in the mid 1990’s – the way all those streets twist and turn, change name – it’s a wonder anybody is EVER able to figure out where they’re going.
    I remember walking along holding my A-Z in front of me and a nice guy stopped and said “can I direct you somewhere?”
    I said “man, if you can just tell me which way is north I should be fine.”
    The guy looked around for a second and said “i’ve got nooo idea which way is north, but tell me where you’re going and I’ll tell you how to get there.”
    I forget where I was going, but wherever it was, the guy directed me there no problem.


  2. I was in London three weeks ago and the first thing I asked my friends was “Which was is North?”. Then I tried to aclimatise myself to the transit of the sun and then I was off. When the train from Pinner to Baker Street came from the opposite direction, I knew I was in strife. For the rest of the day, I stuck my finger in the air … and did the opposite to my calculations … and had no strife at all!!


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