It wasn’t a show worth drooling over

Well, I went to the cycle show at Docklands yesterday. In a word it was crap.

I got the distinct impression I was (a) the wrong gender; (b) not geeky enough; and (c) not sporty enough.

The whole show revolved around high-tech bikes and high-tech gadgets for bikes, neither of which I am interested in.

The retail space, which was separate to the rest of the trade show, was so small it was laughable. I walked in and promptly walked out when I saw the queue at the till!

Oh well. At least the weather was nice and we got to potter around Docklands for awhile. We caught the Docklands Light Rail to Heron Quay and then walked back to Canary Wharf, where we took some photographs and relaxed with an ice-cold cocktail. There are worse ways to wile away an afternoon, right?

5 thoughts on “It wasn’t a show worth drooling over

  1. There seems to be a lot of that going on. If you read any of the “mainstream” cycling magazines, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion. In the end, you’ll learn far more from the experience of just riding, and seeing what works and what doesn’t for yourself.


  2. Sorry to hear it was so awful, although I did wonder myself whether it would be worth checking out. But what are you doing looking for a bike there? Whatever happened to your ride-to-work-scheme bike?


  3. Melody, well, it wasn’t a wasted trip. I always like riding on the Docklands Light Rail!
    Chris, it was a definitely a ‘toys for the boys’ type show. Nice to have a look and see what was there, but just not my cup of tea really. And I know what you mean by the cycle mags, which is why I don’t buy them.
    Ludwig, the bike-for-work scheme ended up turning into a joke. I keep meaning to post about it, but I’m too angry to put my thoughts into any formal order! In short, the problem was that we only had three weeks to buy the bike, despite the fact this wasn’t specified in any of the communication we were given, so I only found out on the day that applications closed. Grrr. Secondly, you could only buy your bike from Halfords, a company which has a very limited range of bikes, a very limited presence in London and offer (as far as I am aware) no after sales care service. As far as I am concerned, I think our HR Dept missed a trick, because there are three Evans Cycles stores within walking distance of the office, a firm that is arguably the UK’s leading cycle chain, and they decided they didn’t want to go with them. I’m currently in the process of trying to find out how many colleagues took up the offer and if they didn’t, why they didn’t. I have a tiny theory that the choice of supplier and the ridiculous time constraints may have thwarted this scheme before it even got off the ground. Which is probably exactly what the HR Dept. wanted so they wouldn’t have to do any paperwork.


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