Dressing for the weather

The weather has definitely turned autumnal this week.

I’ve swapped my long, baggy shorts for tights and my reflective waistcoat for my fluoro rain jacket. I guess it won’t be long before I put away my fingerless gloves and dig out my waterproof winter ones.

I’ve also had to start using my lights again for the first time since last Spring. This is because it’s getting darker earlier and earlier on the ride home. In just a few weeks’ time I know I’ll be cycling in the pitch black, something I’m not particularly looking forward to.

Still, the rain these past few days hasn’t turned me off cycling. I actually enjoy cycling in the rain — as long as it’s not too heavy — because there’s something refreshing and energising about it.

I think that’s one of the things I like most about cycling: experiencing the seasonal changes and getting a taste of the great outdoors instead of being shut in an office for most of the day. Who cares if you get a little wet in the process?

6 thoughts on “Dressing for the weather

  1. I don’t mind the cold so much, but the rain… when I moved to the east coast (of the US) after 10 years in southern California, I didn’t have trouble adapting back to the cold, I had trouble adapting back to the rain. I would cycle until it got below 17F / -8C, which was arbitrary but the point at which it was just too miserable to bike for me. Any rain, at any temperature, and I was off on foot.


  2. Yeah, it’s getting wet, windy and cold – which is autumn here in Ontario. My favourite piece of clothing in cold weather is a neck gaiter which you can actually stretch up to cover your neck and your chin – long as no wind is on my neck I feel warm.
    But rain? Rain sucks. The riding in it sucks, getting dressed for it sucks, and getting undressed and hanging your gear after it sucks. : )


  3. I like the rain — must be something to do with the fact I come from one of the wettest places in Oz!
    Personally, it’s the wind I hate, especially when it’s gusty and I don’t have any ballast in my rack pack.


  4. Wind is a big one. You know when you fight a nasty head wind for a long part of your commute… and you roll to a stop at an intersection feeling drained and beat up from the wind? Times like that are when I most often look at the people in the car beside me and think “You lazy bastard.”


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