Bike porn

I received Evans Cycles winter catalogue in the post today. In fact, because Evans Cycles has both my work and home addresses, I received TWO catalogues.

It’s jam-packed with so many yummy looking bikes I couldn’t help but drool a little as I quickly flicked through the pages in the office this morning.

I expect I will drool a bit more this coming weekend, as I have a ticket to Cycle 2006, which is being billed as the UK’s premiere cycling event. 

I’m in the market for a new bike, so will enjoy looking around and seeing what’s on offer. But my first priority is to get some proper cycle shoes. Ever since I lost the guard off my chain ring I’ve been wearing my Ariat slip-on shoes, because they don’t have laces that might get caught in the chain. They’re comfy and sturdy, but they’re designed for horse-riding, which means the arch is perfect for hooking into a stirrup but a little crap for resting on a pedal!

Anyone got any recommendations? I don’t need shoes with clips; they just have to be laceless, comfortable and waterproof.

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