Newspaper takes up cycling’s cause

The Age newspaper (in my hometown of Melbourne — although I haven’t lived there since 1994!) is running a month-long cycling series called Cycling the City, "which will examine the commuter routes into the CBD and highlight
major black spots that need fixing".

How I wish one of the London newspapers would do something similiar. Instead we just get articles slamming cyclists as being too agressive or selfish or law-breaking — facts that probably apply to just 2% of the cycling population! Bike bashing is flavour of the month right now, which is a shame, because we need all the friends we can get.

4 thoughts on “Newspaper takes up cycling’s cause

  1. As I recall, The Age ran a series of cyclist-bashing articles last year, at one point going as far as encouraging drivers to ram cyclists with their cars. I’m not sure what brought about this apparent change of heart, maybe people just got sick of reading the other ones.


  2. And Melbourne have police who actively go through the streets on bicycles.
    I remember the police at Malvern did. When I was working at Safeway and the undercover shopper who spied shoplifters was in, the police used to cycle their way down to the supermarket to ‘nick’ the theives. As you can imagine, all the women who worked there (including I), liked that!!!


  3. It’s the flavour of the month; the UK press has to pander to the national need to be censorious of some group — if not finger-wagging (or hassling people at coffee shops), what would the Great British public do?


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