My slothful, unhealthy ways

September is almost over and I have only ridden my bike the sum total of four days. Pathetic.

I don’t really have any excuses, aside from the fact I had a serious eye infection at the very start of the month which meant I couldn’t read, much less ride a bike, for five days.  There’s also the fact that the Other Half has a new job and we still haven’t worked out a bathroom routine that works for both of us, and so I use that as an opportunity to sleep for an extra 30 minutes instead of cycling. I know. Terrible.

Coupled with several days out of the office — to Kent and Birmingham — and is it any wonder my riding habit has been a little slip shod?

As a result I’ve felt especially lack-lustre and lethargic. To boost my energy levels I’ve been drinking more coffee, which gives me an immediate ‘hit’ but then fades away, making me feel even worse. This, in turn, has made me more prone to mood swings and general grumpiness.

I’ve also been drinking more alcohol than usual, on Friday nights and weekends, which is fun at the time but has repercussions on my overall fitness.

And I won’t mention the additional weight I have felt creeping back on, a combination of the lack of regular exercise and the extra booze. Over the past year I have cycled a ‘spare tyre’ away, only to have it slowly re-inflating and for this I feel especially crapped off with myself.

So today I hit the road again and I feel better already! I especially enjoyed this morning’s ride:  everything came together perfectly — green lights all the way — and the cyclists I shared the route with were a friendly, considerate bunch. I love it when there’s a whole sea of high-viz yellow around me and we’re all whizzing down the road together, each person knowing their place, no-one cutting others up and everyone allowing sufficient ‘wobble space’ to avoid any bike-on-bike collisions.

Sometimes I can look up the stretch of Kensington High Street and see nothing but cyclists in the left-hand lane. I like that. It feels important in a kind of we-can-change-the-world way. It’s even better when the four-wheeled traffic is at a standstill and we’re zipping on past at 12mph!

Can’t wait to get back on the bike tomorrow! After a pretty woeful September so far, I’m determined to make the rest of the month count, in cycle commuting terms at least.


4 thoughts on “My slothful, unhealthy ways

  1. Was thinking too – you’d hate to live here in constant warm heat because it makes an excuse practically every day to crack open a cold one. But it is so warm the spare tyre doesn’t get inflated.


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