Where have all the cyclists gone?

Yesterday morning dawned lovely and sunny, perfect weather for cycling.

I generally try and get on the road before 8am; if I leave after 8am the traffic — of both the four-wheeled and two-wheeled kind — is noticeably heavier. But yesterday I was running late and did not hit the road until about five-past. I needn’t have worried. The traffic was heavy but I was practically the only cyclist on the road.

Do you know how wonderful it is when you are the only cyclist on the road? It’s akin to a chocoholic discovering a mountain of free chocolate: very easy to make a pig of yourself!

I know this isn’t particularly charitable of me, because I do firmly
believe that the more people who cycle the more chance we have of gaining
our rightful place on the road, but I sometimes hate sharing the road with fellow cyclists. Especially the ones who cut me up or don’t use hand signals or run red lights or cycle two abreast at ultra-slow pace!

When I don’t have to worry about other cyclists, I can concentrate on the motorised vehicles that might cause me grief. Not to mention the rogue pedestrians that step out into the road or the car doors that swing open unexpectedly or the ducks (yes, the ducks) that cross my path in Hyde Park.

With one less hazard on the road, it is much less stressful and I enjoy my commute all that much more. Yesterday was no exception. I had a great, quick ride in and an equally great and quick ride home.

I suspect this lack of cyclists means the summer riders have put their bikes away for the colder weather and it’ll be just the diehards left to tackle London’s roads this winter. In a peverse kind of way, I’m looking forward to it already.


One thought on “Where have all the cyclists gone?

  1. We’ve just had a perfect winter for commuter cyclists here in Melbourne, and I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing as you.
    I don’t know about London, but autumn offers Melbourne cyclists some of the best riding conditions of the year–right at the time that summer cyclists are putting their bikes into hibernation. I just don’t get it…


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