Itching to get back on the bike

I’m feeling quite ‘blah’ right now. I generally get like this when I haven’t ridden my bike for awhile. My energy levels hit rock bottom and my body just doesn’t feel right. I won’t mention the glum mood.

It hasn’t helped that I got a rather nasty eye infection last week (the same evening of my hellish ride along the A4) which rendered me incapable of anything for four long days. About the only thing I could do was feel sorry for myself while lying in bed listening to my iPod (Editors, Blur, U2, Bloc Party etc and about 20 episodes of a BBC Radio comedy called Absolute Power starring Stephen Fry and John Bird — highly recommended).

I couldn’t read, I couldn’t blog and I certainly couldn’t ride my bike.

Tomorrow though I hope to rectify all that… I honestly can’t wait to get back on that bike!


4 thoughts on “Itching to get back on the bike

  1. We’re heading to the other side of the country for a couple of weeks in October and I’m not looking forward to being off my bike for two whole weeks.
    I guess I’ll have to find a bike to ride while we’re over there.


  2. Dorothy, it is a kind of addiction, isn’t it? I remember I used to get this way about running as a teenager, when I used to clock up 30km a week. But it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way as an adult.
    Rodney, hmmm, perhaps you’ll be able to find a bike hire place so you can at least get a small fix.
    Melody, very funny! 🙂 I listened to that album the other day for the first time in years — forgot how good it was. T bought me his new album when he went to Dublin recently — it’s good, but a little bit ‘samey’.


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