Asleep on the tube

Most of this week I have — somewhat sadly — caught the tube to work instead of the bike.

Every morning there has been some delay on the District Line caused by signalling problems and I have thought to myself, why didn’t I ride the damn bike?

Every evening the story has been similar: more delays followed by me kicking myself for being too lazy to get my sorry arse out of bed in time to ride my bike to work because if I had have done that I would not be standing on an overcrowded tube station platform waiting for an overcrowded tube to convey me home in an overcrowded carriage.

But I am kind of glad I chose not to cycle this morning. Why? Because this afternoon my boss sent us all home early (first time for everything) and as I sat in my practically empty tube carriage, my nose immersed in a good book, I looked up and noticed that everyone — all of a dozen people — were fast asleep! It was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time. There were heads lolling about at strangely dangerous angles, one man spread-eagled over three seats making himself entirely at home and another using what looked like his entire wardrobe all squished together to make a rather comfy looking pillow. For a moment I had to wonder whether they hadn’t all died and I had mysteriously escaped the effects of some unseen sleep-inducing drug.

Perhaps you just had to be there, but seeing all these people dozing on public transport after a long week at work just tickled my fancy. Then, of course, I had to kick myself for not making the most of the opportunity to get some shut-eye because god knows I can never have a little nap when I’m riding home on my bike!

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