The beauty of an empty stretch of road

I had an absolutely beautiful ride into work this morning. It was hot and there was a strong, gusty wind, but the lack of traffic on the road more than made up for this.

At one stage, pedalling up Kensington High Street, there was barely a car in sight. An open stretch of bitumen, sticky from the heat, never seemed more inviting. How lovely to have a whole lane to myself and not be worried about whether I was holding anyone up.

It wasn’t until I got to work that it dawned on me. The school holidays have started and everyone’s on vacation.

Let’s just hope it stays like this for the rest of the summer. I love having the road to myself!

4 thoughts on “The beauty of an empty stretch of road

  1. Summer holidays started nearly 2 months ago here, but late July through August seems to be when people take their holidays — doesn’t do much for cyclists in town unfortuntately but my motorway commute has improved. Doesn’t have quite the same health and attitude benefits as your commute though.


  2. Colin, I sometimes wonder about the health benefits of cycling – my legs are covered in bruises (from my pedals) and I’ve swallowed so many insects recently I don’t think I can continue to call myself a vegetarian! 😉


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