Just another average bicycle commute!

This morning: a group of drunken foreigners breathing a beery "hello love, you all right?" in my face under Wellington Arch; a protest involving a double-decker bus, a crane and loads of police opposite Parliament; and a massive traffic jam on Westminster Bridge that I pedalled past with a grin on my face because at least I wasn’t stuck in a hunk of metal going nowhere!

This evening: a motorcyclist waving at me and shouting an apology for not letting me into his lane; a bendy-bus crunching the front of a silver hatchback as it rounded Parliament Square; a black sedan nearly skittling eight cyclists trying to jump a red light at Hyde Park Corner; and a brief but very HEAVY rain shower blinding my view up Rotten Row.

Yep. Just another average bicycle commute for Yours Truly.

Can’t wait to see what other exciting things happen on tomorrow’s ride!


4 thoughts on “Just another average bicycle commute!

  1. It was wet here yesterday and I’m sure that the drivers I passed and who passed me were feeling sorry for the poor old bloke having to cycle in that kind of weather.
    Of course I was feeling sorry for the drivers stuck inside a metal box, too afraid to really experience life. I think most of them don’t realise that it’s only water. Life giving, refreshing, water.


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