Cycling through a cloud of pollen

Tonight I rode through a windstorm of downy tufts that had fallen from all the London plane trees that line my cycle route.

The air was awash with pollen and discarded flowers. It looked like a cloud of giant, yellow insects, swirling and gusting all around me.

The stuff went up my nose, in my eyes and down my throat. When I stopped at the traffic lights at Hyde Park Corner I saw that all the pedestrians were wearing the ‘tufts’ in their hair like weird decorations that had been caught there, unable to escape.

And here I was thinking that the only hazard I had to watch out for when riding my bicycle was busy London traffic – and the odd rogue duck!

9 thoughts on “Cycling through a cloud of pollen

  1. Treadly&Me, exactly! Although when I try doing this down Constitution Hill every morning there’s always some dozy pedestrian ambling in my way, plugged into their iPod oblivious to me ringing my bell!!


  2. Oh my GOD, as someon ewho suffers terribly from hayfever, that would have be one of my worst nightmares. In fact, even THINKING about it right now my nose is starting to get itchy! :-0


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