The pros and cons of cycling at this time of year

It’s perfect weather for cycling at the moment: bright, sunny and warm.

But to every upside there’s also a downside:

  • Insects – must remember to cycle with my mouth closed!
  • Fair weather cyclists – people who have hibernated for the winter now clog the already-congested cycle lanes. My pet peeves are the ones who go really, really slowly, wear headphones/iPods, don’t use handsignals, undertake, speak on their mobile phones (yes, really!), wander all over the road so you can’t get past them, and run red lights. No wonder cyclists have such a bad name!
  • Pollution – it’s more difficult to breathe on the ride home after a day’s traffic fumes have built-up in the warm air. Must remember to try my face mask, a Christmas present from T, which, until now, I’ve not really needed to use.
  • Pedestrians/tourists – the ones who wander all over the cycle lanes oblivious to the cyclists trying to get past. The ones wearing headphones/iPods are the worst, because you can ring your bell or ask them to get out of the way and they just don’t hear you!

9 thoughts on “The pros and cons of cycling at this time of year

  1. Meanwhile back in Melbourne, we’re heading out of fair weather cyclist season as numbers drop off along with the thermometer. I haven’t seen a fair weather cyclist since ANZAC day – anyone riding since then is by definition not a fair weather cyclist!


  2. Oh how I laughed (OL) about the insects and keeping your mouth closed! Still, with all the downsides I envy you riding around London on your bicycle in the Spring turning to summer.
    Take care with all those “fairweathers,” “pedestrians and tourists.”


  3. Oh Treadly that is so true! I love your post, by the way. Have bookmarked you, so I’ll be back.
    Melody, I don’t think so!
    Tamar, yes, I must learn to breath through my nose and not my mouth. Hehe.


  4. The cyclists on the roads of Charlotte are taking their lives into their hands. I don’t know to call them brave or stupid. I wish our city had more bike lanes. For a city that likes to pride itself on being progressive and fitness friendly we sorely lack in that area. Here via Michele and off to explore more of your blog!


  5. Grins, the more people who cycle the better – regardless of bike lanes or not – because at some point there will be so many cyclists on the road that motorists will HAVE TO take notice.
    Pearl, no gawking allowed! 😉


  6. Good for you for cycling so often! I’m just doing two days a week at the moment, but I hope to build it up. Trouble is, the weather here in Edinburgh is so rubbish so often that I’m definitely a fair-weather cyclist! Although I would NEVER wear earphones, that’s just stupid. And dangerous.
    Incidentally, I like the slogan of one of our local bike shops who produces their own brand bikes called “Revolution”. The slogan is “The Revolution will not be motorised” – how clever is that?? They obviously promote cycling hugely over driving which is great 🙂


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