Back on the bike

After a month’s hiatus, I got back on my bike this morning and cycled into work.

I had expected to find it quite taxing, but I don’t seem to have lost much fitness, which I found pleasantly surprising.

The traffic was relatively quiet, perhaps because it’s school holiday time here, so my ride was relatively hassle-free. If only it was like this every day!

It was warm out though. I felt silly wrapped up in my usual winter layers: a wicking t-shirt, a thin but roasty-warm fleece plus my day-glo cycling jacket. Fortunately I’d had the foresight to wear fingerless gloves instead of my usual water-proof, wind-proof jobbies.

I guess this unexpected warmth means spring is well and truly here. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, I swear I could smell summer in the air (along with the oh-so revolting exhaust fumes generated by London’s red buses).

And let me tell you about the daffodils. They are everywhere! An amazing riot of brilliant yellow and gold. The ones in Green Park are spectacular. It’s like a whole field of sunshine! But I can see they are turning and are on their way out – so I guess that means I better remember to take my camera tomorrow.

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