Summer must be on the way…

… because I now get to ride my bike home while it’s still light!

Tonight, as I trundled along Horse Guards Parade, forever known as the DARKEST STREET IN LONDON, I could see EVERYTHING around me. No peering into the blackness hoping there’s no puncture-inducing glass lying on the road or a pot-hole to catapult me over the handlebars. No keeping my fingers crossed that a pedestrian strolling along St James’s Park won’t suddenly step out onto the road without warning (believe me, they do this ALL the time). No clenching my buttocks every time a London cab goes whizzing past, leaving me two inches of road space.

How pleasant  it was to actually SEE the white gravelled parade grounds in front of Horse Guards. This elegant white building, where the Changing of the Guard takes place, looked all the more beautiful in the growing twilight, the sky turning a gorgeous duck-egg blue behind it.

By the time I’d got to Hyde Park twilight had turned to night, but it wasn’t the inky Dickensian blackness I’ve learnt to pedal through these past few months: the afterglow of the day’s sunshine was still tangible in the air. It felt good to cycle along a path that didn’t feel like something out of the 17th century – dark and dangerous.

How lovely it will be when I can ride home in full daylight. At this rate, it can’t be too far off. Roll on summer!


5 thoughts on “Summer must be on the way…

  1. i always get freaked when i realise that the summer solstice marks the time of the days starting to get shorter – and it’s just dec 21 – go figure, especially seeing we should be having long summer nights until march/april.
    but this isn’t about us down here, it’s about you up there and i understand you being happy about summer’s arrival.


  2. All you Southern Hemisphere commenters need not worry – this was in half-jest. We aint even had winter yet! And anyway, it better stay warm Down Under cos I’m headed that way for a few weeks in March!!


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