Computer says…

Bike_computer_1One of the presents T gave me for Christmas was a Sigma bike computer. This is basically a little contraption that operates like a odometer for your bike, but it also has a stopwatch function and other groovy capabilities.

I used it for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised at the figures it recorded for me.

Journey in
Ride time: 34.45 min
Distance: 6.05 miles
Average speed: 11.09 mph
Max speed: 19 mph

Journey out
Ride time: 36.32 min (I had an atrocious knock-me-off-my-bike head wind the whole way)
Distance: 5.90 miles (slightly shorter probably due to the fact Kensington Palace Gardens is shut in the evening so I have to go a different route)
Average speed: 10.34 mph (headwind effect, no doubt, coupled with traffic congestion in Kensington area)
Max speed: 18.6 mph

As someone who likes to keep records of things like this, I can see I’m going to have a lot of fun trying to improve times and speeds over the next few months. Woo-hoo!


5 thoughts on “Computer says…

  1. OsloFoodie, I can see myself trying to beat the clock from now on! So a great motivational tool indeed.
    Melody, it is good – and no, not expensive. You can pick up a bike computer like this one for about £30. Obivously you can pay a lot more to get a fancier one that tells you how many calories you burn and what colour underpants you should be wearing but who needs that?!


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