A post about the weather

A kind of winter seems to have descended here. The days are bright and sunny, but the mornings and the evenings are decidedly chilly, perfect for staying indoors curled up on the sofa watching The Sopranos (we are working our way through the DVD box sets).

On Friday the first frost arrived, and cycling through Hyde Park at 8am has never felt more romantic. The extensive lawns were shimmering with silver frost like a carpet of snow, and the surface of The Serpentine was like a mercury-coloured mirror, reflecting the bright colours of the row-boats moored in the middle of the lake. It was breath-takingly picture-postcard perfect. And, typically, I did not have my camera to capture the beauty of it all.

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny too, but I spent most of the morning snuggled up under the duvet reading my new Nicci French book. And by the time I was ready to brave the outdoors the sun was already sinking in the sky and there was an icy wind blowing into my exposed face.

This morning there was a fog, thick and white and cold, that was determined to settle in for the whole day. By
mid-afternoon wisps of it were still clinging on, hovering over the surface of the ever-still Thames and shrouding the nearby trees like a ghostly cloak.

And tonight the temperature is supposed to plummet to minus-3 degrees Celsius. *Shiver*

What’s the weather like where you are?

13 thoughts on “A post about the weather

  1. About -2 in the morning, +2 during the day. We’re also expecting snow today, but it won’t stick around. Rain, freezing rain and snow forecast for the rest of the week. It’s also unusually cloudy here, giving everything a grey appearance which is kind of depressing.
    They’re forecasting a very cold winter here with temps dropping to -40 even. I hope it’s not true, just like it wasn’t true about the super hot summer with temps up to +40.


  2. Here in Copenhagen, I’m between you and Ella, basically! -4 at night and almost +4 by day. Lovely blue sky. Dark early. Cold but not painful. Quite nice really – especially after my recent sweat-fest in Seoul!


  3. Melody, why don’t you go and make me jealous then 😉
    Franje, sounds a bit London-like actually. I like going on long walks when it is a little chilly.
    Croila, hehe. I remember it was the fog that amazed me when I spent a lot of time in Edinburgh in 1998 – it just never went away!
    Fi, oh go away 😉
    Colin, I have no idea what 50F is, but I suspect it’s rather cold.
    Ella, I get a cold head but I can never wear hats: it always feels like they’re suffocating my brain or something. Weird, I know.
    Kinuk, I keep hearing that it’s supposed to be a very cold winter this year, but how on earth do they know? They can’t even get the day-to-day forecasts right, let alone a long-term one.
    Lottie, we are almost finished series 4. I love The Sopranos. Never really got into the West Wing.
    kenju, thanks for the visit. It’s cold here but at least it’s not raining.
    David, hmmm, that sounds pretty damn cold to me.


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