Bicycle blues II

Guess what happened tonight?

Another freakin’ puncture.

I know.  I don’t believe it either.


13 thoughts on “Bicycle blues II

  1. Melody, the only person who doesn’t like riding my bike at the moment is me!
    Oslofoodie, my tyres are supposedly puncture-proof, which makes me think its a valve problem. Either that or the tyre manufacturers are just liars. 😦


  2. Claire, yes I was rather peeved to say the least, especially as it was dark, cold, windy and pissing down with rain when it happened. But that’s a subject for another post entirely! 🙂
    Thanks Mar.


  3. So far cross fingers, I’ve not had a puncture, and I’ve had this bike five years. Going to ask C (significant other) what he thinks, he’s a mechanical almost genius. Though I have to admit that his condition comes with loads of swearing and blue air when things go wrong.


  4. ainelivia, wow, have you told the people at the Guinness Book of Records yet? 😉
    Turns out this second puncture was caused by a thumb-tack: it was still stuck in tyre when T went to fix the puncture on Saturday afternoon.
    The tyres have something called Smart Guard, which means their walls are slightly thicker to stop sticks, glass etc piercing them. But this offers no protection if you run over something that can go through the tread, such as a nail or thumb tack or even a very sharp piece of glass. . .


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