Into the blue


For the past two weeks I have been riding past the London Eye on my way home and marvelling at its brilliant green lighting scheme against the dark velvet sky. But this week the lighting scheme suddenly switched to a fiery red and I made a mental note to take some photographs to try and capture its beauty. So, tonight, unencumbered by the bike, I walked along the South Bank and spent about 40 minutes snapping my little heart out.

I don’t know who is responsible for the lighting scheme along Jubilee Walk, but they have done a brilliant and imaginative job. The fairylights that normally adorn the trees around the London Eye and a little further along at Gabriel’s Wharf are an absolutely mesmerising brilliant royal blue instead of the usual pedestrian, run-of-the-mill white. It’s like someone grabbed a million little sapphires and threw them in the air. Each little jewel now hangs suspended from the boughs of the London plane trees like a series of tangled-up necklaces shimmering in the dark.

It is quite possibly the most beautiful and bewitching display of urban lighting that I have ever seen.


7 thoughts on “Into the blue

  1. this looks so magical and beautiful! thank you for sharing that! that’s going to look great leading up to xmas – i wonder if the colour scheme will change? please keep taking shots of this – i love stuff like that!


  2. Thanks all. I had mixed success with my camera. If I used a flash, the pics just came out pitch black. If I used the ‘low-light’ setting, there was such a time delay that it was impossible to take anything in focus. I didn’t have a tripod, so I just used it on a normal setting, but turned the flash off, and tried to hold my hands very, very steady!
    All these pictures were taken between 5.30-6pm. It seems to be dark at about 4.30pm now!!


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