And tonight’s fashion on the tube . . .

Marathon. . . . is, well, a tube, or a tyre anyway. Yes, I boarded the London Underground tonight wearing two Marathon bike tyres slung seductively over my shoulder. And yes, half of London looked at me as if to say WE LIKED IT BETTER WHEN YOU HAD THE BIKE. "Well," I wanted to say, "I liked it better when I had the bike too, especially when I was riding it out on the road with the wind in my hair and the rain in my face." But of course I said nothing, buried my face in a book and tried to ignore the bug-eyed stares. Although, who knows, maybe I’ve started a new fashion trend and women everywhere will start adorning themselves in racing slicks with or without fluorescent smart guard rims…

7 thoughts on “And tonight’s fashion on the tube . . .

  1. Kim, I can hardly type for laughing. And my hubby thinks we are both mad. What I had in mind were some thigh high rubber boots over skin tight trousers and matching jacket, all made from bicycle tyres with red reflectors on the ankles and back of jacket, with bicycle chain decorations. Whatcha think?


  2. Hi Kim, I finally found you. So this is what you have been up to for all that time… when do you have time to sleep??!! Look forward to hearing from you soon. xx


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