Through the park


Lest you think my daily commute is just one giant battle with buses and cabs and white vans, I thought I’d post this picture.

Every morning I cycle the length of Hyde Park, along a dedicated 2.5km cycle path that runs parallel with Rotten Row (a wide bridleway).

Riding along here is such a joy. In the early morning, with mist shrouding the stately trees, it’s like stepping back in time. Everything is so green and fresh and peaceful.

There are bleary-eyed joggers slogging their way around The Serpentine, smartly uniformed members of the Household Cavalry trotting their horses along the sand-covered bridleway and about a gazillion cyclists pedalling bikes of every shape, size and description along the undulating cycle path.

Looming in the distance is the gentle arc of the London Eye like a compass guiding you ever onwards.

The only sound in the crisp, clear air is the soft quacking of ducks that congregate enmasse, feeding on whatever it is they find that is so delicious on the dewy grass under the trees. Sometimes these ducks even venture onto the cycle path, a traffic hazard of the most natural kind.

Is it any wonder I ride along here every morning with a giant smile on my face?


14 thoughts on “Through the park

  1. No, I should say that’s no wonder! It look absolutely beautiful.
    I’ve stayed in hotels near Hyde Park on a couple of occasions and gone for a run in the early morning hours. It looked just like your photograph. Mmm.


  2. Yes, Alda, I think it’s quite a beautiful park. This morning when I trundled through there were signs everywhere saying CYCLISTS PLEASE GO SLOWLY, FILMING IN PROGRESS. There were at least three camps with cameras rolling. Not sure what it was, but the King’s Troop seem to be a major feature. Next time I watch a BBC costume drama I’ll have to check it out quite closely – might see myself whizzing by in the background, fluoro jacket all a-blur! 🙂


  3. Dani, physically I have got fitter and fitter over the past month – and I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had. Mentally, I’m feeling pretty good, too. According to the one I live with I am uncharacteristically chirpy all the time, which is a first for me! 🙂
    Zee, perhaps we could arrange a bicycle exchange holiday – you get to ride around London, I get to ride around your neck of the woods! How cool would that be?


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